3 Unconventional but Useful Tips for Visiting Belize

1. Bring baby powder with you…sprinkle it liberally.
Feeling sticky, but no water in sight…rub baby powder all over.

When you think of visiting Belize do the words baby powder come to mind? No, I didn’t think so. However, if you are from a place that isn’t hot & humid this should clearly be tip #1. When you are walking around you might see the locals with a white powder on their chests…you guessed it baby powder. The powder helps absorb the oil from your skin leaving you feeling fresh.

2. Shout out food order & don’t wait in line.
Or be prepared for a long wait as locals will just come up and shout the order before it’s your turn at the window.

In most parts of the world when ordering your food you might be used to lines and order, but you’re in Belize now. If you’re ordering food at a roadside fried chicken place you should shout your order to the worker. In Belize they don’t say small, medium, large when ordering; they call out the the price. For instance if wanting a small fried chicken you would shout: “$5 chicken breast”

3. Get your money exchanged into small Belizean bills

While it’s true Belize does accept US currency, most local shops won’t have change. They usually want exact payment. Of course if you’re only dealing in the tourist areas then you will be fine with US cash. but I recommend getting to know the locals. Belizean people are kind and generous.

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