The Inland Blue Hole National Park and St. Herman’s Cave

Trying to decide what your next adventure should be? Well, cast your eyes toward St. Herman’s Cave. What’s so special? They have “cave tubing tours away from the crowds,” and the big plus is that their “tours are relaxing and private” for the simple reason that they “don’t cater to cruise ship customers.” St. Herman’s Cave is located at Blue Hole National Park in Belize, Central America. The cave tubing adventure starts after a short walk from the office, on a dirt pathway that leads through the jungle. You are lead to one of the entrances of St. Herman’s Cave, and you will see the steps that lead down into it. As you walk down, these are “concrete steps, constructed over the Mayan steps.” Your experienced guide will informed you of the Mayan history in this area. The bright light of the sun filters into the St. Herman’s Cave, parting the darkness like a curtain.

Belize Cave Tubing offers group tours as well as private tours. Anyone that takes this tour needs to wear small lanterns, which will be taken care of at the office. The lanterns are necessary because in the cave there will be no sunlight. When starting the Belize Cave Tubing tour, your experienced guide will inform you about what you will see. Walking through the dry portion of the cave leads you to where you can use your tube. Here you can gently float along. Some areas have short stalactites while others area show where the water has smoothed out the sides of the cave. If you reach out your hand, you can touch the rock. Looking down, the light from your lantern cuts through any shadows and shows the crystal clear waters below. The awe increases as you float into an area which has even more impressive formations. At the end of your Belize Cave Tubing adventure you eventually come back to the jungle. This tour has been given the 2015 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor

Belize holds many other things that visitors enjoy seeing. The Mayan Ruins is one, and the “Great Blue Hole, for which this National Park was named, is another. The Inland Blue Hole is “very popular with divers,” and for those who do not dive, there are other options. Along with Belize Cave Tubing, there is: Bird Watching, the Crystal Cave, and Jungle Survival. Each bird is described as you walk along the Bird Watching tour. The country of Belize is “home to over 100 species of birds,” many with beautiful feathers. The Crystal Cave, at St. Herman’s, is for people who “do not mind crawling through cracks and crevices.” Those who are claustrophobic should check out another tour. This cave has a multitude of formations to view. They will show you rocks with tiny sparkles that twinkle back at you. The Jungle Survival tour tells about roots, leaves, and other things that have proven useful for survival over hundreds of years. With a variety of tours for different interest, no one should be bored at The Inland Blue Hole National Park.

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