Delicious Belizean Food

Belizean food has a delicious and unique flavor. With the influences of many different cultures, you will have a flavorful experience. The staple food is rice and beans, which can just about be found at any local restaurant and which is generally served with your choice of meat (chicken, fish, beef, shrimp or if in season lobster or conch).

The meat can be baked, fried or stewed served along with creamy potato salad and sweet fried plantain. Since Belize is located in Central America, you can find different types of Spanish foods. Salbutes, garnachos, tamales, burritos, and quesadillas can be found fairly easy. Fry Dry Fish Belize If you like seafood, then you have really hit the jack pot in Belize. Because of Belize’s proximity to the Caribbean ocean fresh fish like snapper, grouper, mahi-mahi and many other deep sea fish are readily available. In my own experience, I have really taken a special liking to fresh snapper (fry dry) served with rice and beans, potato salad, and plantain. The seasonings that are on that fish and the crispy and crunchy outside will lead you to consume the whole fish. The fresh grilled lobster, conch fritters, and various soups will satisfy the seafood lover. There are local dishes from the Garifuna culture that you should taste while visiting Belize. garifuna_Sere Seafood dishes like Hudut and Sere are delicious coconut milk broth based soups that are loaded with fish, plantain, cassava, okra and habanero pepper.

If you are someone who likes a little spice to their food, you will find that Belize is home to one of the world class pepper sauces. Marie Sharps pepper sauce makes everything taste better. There are many other local pepper sauces that you could try that add a different flavor to your meals.

While you are exploring the different local foods, you will have the opportunity to try Mayan and East Indian cuisine. And for those that are not so adventurous you can find burgers, pizza, and fried chicken readily available. Belize has a large variety of food…keep in mind that I did not name them all. I believe Belizeans have good taste when it comes to food and you will not be disappointed.

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