Belize – Home of the Chicken Bus

Retired school buses populate the Belizean landscape. If you want the adventure of a lifetime jump on a Belizean bus.

Last time I got on the bus in Belize City heading to Orange Walk, I felt like I was fighting to enter Walmart on Black Friday. My first thought was that someone was going to pull out a video camera and tell me this was some kind of joke.

But is was no laughing matter for some people. Getting on a bus when you see 100 people waiting and the bus only has 50 spaces is serious business. Only the fittest survive or at least it feels that way. Be prepared for pushing and shoving your way into the bus.


Immerse yourself in Belizean Culture

If you want to immerse yourself in Belizean culture then taking the bus is the way to go. Read the Chicken Bus blog post and Belize Bus System post for further traveling tips about the bus Service in Belize.

If you are traveling south and feeling hot since the buses don’t have a/c, you can cool down by exiting at The Blue Hole National Park. Our office is located right on the premises. Cave tubing is a Belizean adventure you don’t want to miss!

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 Shuttle Me

If riding the bus doesn’t appeal to you we offer a shuttle to The Blue Hole National Park or for any of our tours. We can pick you up at your hotel or even at the main exit gate of the international airport or water taxi in Belize City and take you directly to your destination.


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