Easter in Belize is the time for a family vacation. The local Belizean people don’t celebrate Easter with token church service attendance. The children in Belize are given two weeks off of school during April, so the family uses that time to plan a vacation.

This is the time of year you will see many local people enjoying their country. So if your idea of a vacation is getting to know the wonderful local Belizean people then Easter is a great time to visit Belize.

The sale of alcohol is not allowed throughout the country on Good Friday. Therefore, Good Friday is one of the most peaceful days in the country.

Holy Saturday is devoted to bike racing! So if you enjoy cycling, you will love Belize! Belizeans love cycling.

Holy Monday is devoted to Horseracing or traveling back to your hometown.

Belize is a very diverse country. You won’t be disappointed with a visit any time of the year!



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