Fry Jack Recipe but spoken in Kriol

Do you want to hear the language before you arrive in Belize?

Here is a great fry jack recipe, but spoken in Kriol. The Kriol language is very similar to English. Most people who speak English can understand it if it’s not spoken too quickly. The difference is the accent and sayings. Belizeans have a lot of sayings that people don’t have in their country which is what makes it difficult to always understand Kriol.

On this blog post you can learn some common phrases.

Basic phrases

Hello/What’s up? — Weh gaan ahn? or Weh di go ahn?

What time is it? — Da weh time?

My name is Lily — Mi naym da Lily

See you later — Si yoo lata

I’m tired — Ah tayad/mi tayad

Where is — Weh/weh-paat

Everything’s fine — Evryting gud/aarite

Get the hell out of here! — Haul your rass!

Really? Is that right? — Fu Chroo?

Good evening — Gud night

I love Belize — Mi love Bileez


Wahnti wahnti kyah geti an geti geti nuh wahnti — You always want what you can’t have

Dah no so, dah naily so — Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Wait bruk down bridge — Don’t make me wait too long

One day belly full neva fatten maaga dawg — One meal won’t change someone’s life / Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

Sleep wit’ yo’ own eye — Only rely on what you know, not what others tell you

One one craboo fill barrel — Every little bit counts [craboo is a Belizean fruit]

You can learn more about the Kriol language from the National Kriol Council.

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