It is usually said among the locals if you do not like the weather just wait “a lil” while and it will change. Nestled close by the Caribbean Sea, Belize experiences mainly two types of weather. Mostly commonly know as “wet and dry” seasons.

On a typical year the “DRY” season will start around the middle of December and last till about to the end of May. Keep in mind if it is an “El NINO” year it would vary. During this time typically the winds blow from the South West or North West bringing drier air that can heat things up very quickly.

The good news is that those northerly winds are many times associated with dying cold fronts from North America bringing cooler and comfortable temperatures for a day or so.

There will be times when it will rain, however it usually does not amount to much and doesn’t last very along. Generally it will stick around until the cooler air dissipates.

Starting around March the winds will start to blow pretty hard encouraging kite season. During that time there is actually a Kite event in the city encouraging the community to find enjoyment with their families.

The beginning of June 1 marks the start of “WET” season and also the start of the N. Atlantic hurricane season. The wind pattern shifts from Westerly’s to the Easterlies. The East winds blowing over the warm Caribbean push moist air over Central America causing rain. At times these rains can be very torrential, depending where you live in Belize.

The south of Belize receives as much as two times the amount found in the central and northern areas of Belize. You must also be aware that the possibility for hurricanes or tropical storms and tropical lows can develop very rapidly and pose a threat to serious flooding. This rainy pattern will typically last well into December at times. Usually the months of October and November are the high point of the hurricane season making it the wettest time.

These two seasons along with God’s goodness is what makes Belize such a beautiful place that is filled with colorful plants and trees. It gives that warm Caribbean feel that keeps everyone wanting to come back.

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